2018 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix

ELLE QUÉBEC and ELLE CANADA are seeking 50 male judging panel members to blind-test a selection of men’s grooming products from leading cosmetics companies. Why not join the judging panel and vote for your favorite products?  

1 • Members of the judging panel will be selected from across Canada based on their answers to the following questionnaire. Please answer as sincerely as possible and submit only one form per person. (Submitting multiple forms will not increase your odds of being selected.)
2 • Each member of the judging panel will receive camouflaged grooming products in each category (face wash, moisturizing face cream, shaving products and anti-dandruff shampoo/fortifying shampoo) that he will be asked to rate.
3 • The judges will have approximately 11 weeks to test the products. They will attribute a score to each product and complete an online logbook. The product in each category that receives the highest total score will be declared the winner. 

If you would like to be part of the judging panel, please complete the questionnaire by December 4, 2017.
The testing period will run from March 12 to June 1st, 2018. 

The men who are selected to be part of the judging panel will be notified by email from January 4, 2018, and must confirm their acceptance. Watch your inbox! 

IMPORTANT: You must have access to a computer and be able to use it throughout the testing period because the logbooks must be completed online. We will communicate with testers primarily by email during this exciting experience.

1.   I have a computer in my home.
2.   I know how to use my computer without assistance.
3.   My age bracket is…

4.   I would categorize my skin type as…
       (Check more than one box if necessary)
5.   I am…
6.   I have skin problems.
       Please specify:
7.   My hair is…
8.   I have the following hair problem:
My Beauty Routine
9.   In the morning I…
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

10. In the evening I...
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

11. I use a deodorant
Most of the time:
12. I shave…

13. I wash my hair…

14. I exfoliate my face…

15. I moisturize my hands…

16. I use the following shampoo:
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

17. I use the following hair styling products:
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

Facial Care
18. I wash my face with

19. I apply the following to my face:
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

21. I wash with…
       (Check more than one box if necessary)
22. I usually shave with…

23. I usually shave using…
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

24. After shaving I…


For your entry to be considered and for you to be part of the jury should your entry be selected, we ask that you read the following entry requirements and confirm that you understand and agree by ticking the appropriate box:

If my entry is accepted, I am committed to testing, commenting on and evaluating, sincerely and to the best of my ability, and within the given time frame, all the beauty products sent to me by ELLE QUÉBEC/ELLE CANADA in view of the 2018 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix, and to fill in the online log honestly and within the specified timeframe. I understand that the log must be filled out online and I confirm that I will thus have access to a computer and an Internet connection for the entire testing period. I accept that all communication with ELLE QUÉBEC/ELLE CANADA be carried out by email and I recognize that failure to read my email may result in my disqualification.

I recognize and accept that by simply submitting my comments and notes in the context of the 2018 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix via the online log or by any other means, I am granting ELLE QUÉBEC/ELLE CANADA and their respective business partners a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence, without any compensation to me, enabling them to, at their own discretion, use, modify, reproduce, distribute, communicate to the public, translate and archive my comments, suggestions, and notes (collectively known as the “Contribution”) submitted in part or in full. To this end, I wave any moral rights that I might have or may exercise relating to my Contribution, including as to the integrity and authorship of my Contribution. I recognize that any rights that I grant herein apply in respect of any use and exploitation, in regards to my Contribution, through or using any medium or media whatsoever, existing or upcoming, for the duration of the copyright term and any renewals.

All products registered for the 2018 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix are of a certain quality. However, I understand that it has been brought to my attention that nobody is exempt from an allergic reaction. If I react badly to a product, I agree to immediately discontinue use, even if the testing phase is ongoing, and inform the Beauty Grand Prix team immediately.

Herein, and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, I grant, exonerate and fully release, irrevocably and voluntarily, Les Publications Groupe TVA-Hearst Inc. and their employees, managers, representatives, affiliated and related entities and their divisions, their successors, beneficiaries and all organizations connected with the 2018 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix (collectively, “the Indemnities”) of all responsibility and, except in cases of gross negligence or wilful misconduct and, again, to the fullest extent permitted by law, I forever waive any right of action, request, claim, procedure and plea of any kind whatsoever against the Indemnities that could be directly or indirectly related to the products, their use and my participation in the 2018 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix.