2015 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix

ELLE QUÉBEC and ELLE CANADA are seeking 750 readers to blind-test and judge beauty products from the leading cosmetics companies. Why not join the judging panel and vote for your favorite beauty and care products!  

1 • Members of the judging panel will be selected from across Canada based on their answers to the following questionnaire. Please answer as sincerely as possible and submit only one form per person. (Submitting multiple forms will not increase your odds of being selected.)
2 • Each member of the judging panel will receive camouflaged beauty products in certain categories (face/body/makeup/hair) that they will be asked to rate.
3 • The judges will have approximately 11 weeks to test the products. They will attribute a score to each product and complete a logbook online. The product in each category that receives the highest total score will be declared the winner.
If you would like to be part of the judging panel, please complete the questionnaire by November 27, 2014.
The testing period will run from March 9 to May 22, 2015.
Readers who are selected to be part of the judging panel will be notified by email on December 12, 2014, and must confirm their acceptance. Watch your inbox!
Have you already been a Beauty Grand Prix judge?
Register again and invite a friend to do the same!
IMPORTANT: You must have access to a computer and be able to use it throughout the testing period because the logbooks must be completed online. We will communicate with testers primarily by email during this exciting experience.
1.   I have a computer in my home.
2.   I know how to use my computer without assistance.
3.   I have been a member of the Beauty Grand Prix judging panel before.
4.   My age bracket is…

5.   I would categorize my skin type as…
       (Check more than one box if necessary)
6.   I am…

7.   My skin color is…
8.   I have skin problems.
       Please specify:
9.   My hair is…
10. The following descriptions apply to my hair:
       (Check more than one box if necessary)
11. I have hair problems.
       Please specify.
My Beauty Routine
12. In the morning I…
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

13. In the evening I...
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

Most of the time:
14. I wash my hair…

15. I exfoliate my face…

16. I apply a face mask…

17. I use the following face mask(s):

18. I moisturize my hands…

19. I use the following kind of moisturizer on my hands:

20. My hair is…
21. I straighten my hair.
22. I curl my hair.
23. I use shampoo…
24. I use hair masks.
25. I use dry shampoo…

Facial Care
26. I remove my makeup with…
       (Check more than one box if necessary)

27. I apply the following to my face:

28. I use an eye contour treatment.
29. I use a serum.
Body Care:
30. I use the following body moisturizer:

31. I use mascara.
       a. I use the following mascara color:
32. I use eyeliner.
       a. I use the following eyeliner color:
       b. I use the following type of eyeliner:
33. I use lipstick.
       a. I use the following lipstick colors:
34. I use eyeshadow.
       a. I use the following type of eyeshadow:
       b. I use the following eyeshadow color(s):
35. I use tanning powders or creams.
       a. I use the following kind:
36. I use concealers or highlighting concealers.
       (Check more than one box if necessary)
37. I use tinted cream (BB / CC cream or other).
38. I use nail polish.
       a. I use the following nail polish colors:

39. I use foundation under my makeup.

To participate, you must agree to the following conditions:

If selected, I pledge to test, comment on and rate the beauty-care products that ELLE CANADA/ ELLE QUÉBEC will send me for the 2015 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix and to complete the online logbook in the allotted time frame.

I will have access and am able to fully and independently use a computer since the logbook must be completed online. I agree to receive any and all communications by email from ELLE QUEBEC/ELLE CANADA and acknowledge that not receiving and consulting such emails may result in my disqualification.

I acknowledge and agree that by submitting my comments and notes for the 2015 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix via the online logbook or by any other mean, I am granting to ELLE QUÉBEC/ELLE CANADA and their business partners a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free license to use, modify, reproduce, publicly distribute, translate and archive my comments and notes. As such, I waive any moral rights that I may have in and to such comments and notes. I acknowledge that all rights hereby granted apply to any use or exploitation of my comments and notes whatsoever, in any and all media and by any and all methods of distribution, now known or hereinafter developed in the future, for the full term of copyrights and any renewals thereof.

All products registered in the 2015 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix are of the highest quality. Nevertheless, no person is immune to the possibility of an allergic reaction. Should I experience an adverse reaction to a product, I will cease its use immediately, even if the trial period has not been completed and will notify the 2015 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix team immediately.

I release Les Publications Transcontinental-Hearst Inc. as well as its employees, beneficiaries and legal successors from any liability on my behalf, and I forsake all actions, appeals, claims or recourse of any kind that may result directly or indirectly from the products or my involvement with the 2015 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix.


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